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We take hair color very seriously. If you are thinking of trying something new, or
don’t quite know what you are looking for; reserve a consultation today, so we can chat about your hair.
Relax and let our salon hair stylist work with you to get the hair color you've always
wanted. Opt for a quick, natural-looking color tune-up or a complete color change—
we’re equipped with the tools to deliver any result you want.
Your hair color is always the best accessory. Try on a new shade of hair color to
brighten or enrich your look. Take your look to the next dimension with highlights
and lowlights formulated to complement your color. Your stylist can cover a bit of
gray for a subtle change or take it all away—it’s up to you!
Balayage, Ombre or hand painting, let our stylist give you your dream hair color.
Bold or subtle we are up to date on the latest trends to bring to your hair.
Staying up-to-date on the latest trends — we can give you the hue that is best for
you! Our hair color specialist understand the principles of color theory and can use
color to build weight, add density, texture and so much more.
Reserve a consultation today to talk to a hair color specialist about what change
you want to experience.

READY TO UPDATE YOUR HAIRSTYLE? Visit Heads Up Hair Salon Today!